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EDI and e-Invoicing Encyclopedia


General EDI

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and provides the functionality to securely exchange files between 2 or more separate locations or businesses. EDI is most commonly ...Read more

What is a VAN (Value Added Network)?

A VAN is a secure private network which acts as a central communication matrix with connections to major trading partners and other VANs. Once connected to a VAN ...Read more

What is an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) or despatch advice?

An ASN is a notification of pending deliveries which is sent directly from the supplier or third party logistics company to the buyer in advance of the shipment. The ASN ...Read more

What is EDI integration?

EDI integration is the communication of business messages (ie orders and invoices/Credits, ASN’s and so on) internally between your own EDI system and your own back  ...Read more

What is EDI Translation?

In many cases when an EDI message is being sent to/from one organisation to another, the 2 organisations are using different standards or message set. In these circumstances ...Read more

What is a managed service?

Managed services is the outsourcing of EDI to a third party provider. With a standard EDI solution, the company has control of the mailbox locally and the EDI company will ...Read more

What is an EDI mailbox?

The EDI mailbox refers to the storage of information in a single location which can be uniquely identified from connected mailboxes and VANs in other locations. This storage ...Read more

What is a Hub?

The Hub refers to the vendor or buyer who sends orders to a number of suppliers and receives invoices in return. They are referred to as hubs because they form the trading ...Read more


General e-Invoicing

What is e-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing is the adoption of a completely paperless electronic trading environment for a hub and it's suppliers. When a hub chooses to go paperless for ordering and invoicing ...Read more

What is supplier onboarding?

Once a vendor/hub first adopts either e-Invoicing or EDI, their suppliers are then also required to adopt EDI or a trading portal in order to keep trading with them. Onboarding is ...Read more

What is a supplier portal?

A supplier portal is usually used in conjunction with e-Invoicing and provides login and functionality pages directly accessible to the supplier at a web URL. The portal will ...Read more

What is Dynamic Discounting?

Dynamic Discounting is a process used in e-Invoicing which enables the vendor/hub to get discounts on invoices they pay early. This process benefits both parties; the supplier ...Read more


File types/standards

What is AS2 EDI?

AS2 is a standard introduced in 2002  for sending data directly from one location to another securely. AS2 was introduced as an affordable alternative to EDI and many larger ...Read more

What is EDIFACT?

EDIFACT stands for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport and is a standard developed by the United Nations ...Read more

What is Tradacoms?

Tradacoms is a standard for EDI introduced in 1982 as a precursor to EDIFACT and was subsequently maintained and extended by GS1 UK. The development ...Read more

What is EDI ANSI X12?

ANSI X12 stands for American National Standards Institute X12 and refers to the American standard for EDI developed in 1979 ...Read more

What is EANCOM?

Developed by the EAN General Assembly is 1987, EANCOM was created on the EDIFACT standard. EANCOM is a more detailed message set created for the retail sector and ...Read more

What is EDI XML?

EDI via XML differs greatly to standards based EDI because XML is made up of information gathered into tags rather than having set positions for the data like the EDIFACT ...Read more



What is EESPA?

EESPA stands for the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association. EESPA is governed by the General Assembly of members which adopts resolutions for the ...Read more

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online and was established on 1st September 2012 after successful completion of the PEPPOL project which saw ...Read more


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