Following our rebrand to TrueCommerce, we now have a new website that has replaced

The new TrueCommerce site can be found at

Following our rebrand to TrueCommerce, we now
have a new website

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EDI Alerts & Notifications

Real time awareness of the status of your EDI

The Challenge

A fully automated EDI system ensures your company will receive order messages without the need to keep refreshing the program, however, it is sometimes hard to leave the program running and trust it is still operating correctly on a daily basis.

The Atlas Solution

Atlas have addressed this problem by developing a notifications module allowing various key stakeholders within your organisation to be notified about different EDI related events as they happen. This removes the need to constantly log into EDI software to check everything is working. Examples of notifications include:

-  Connection errors

Occasionally, errors can occur when your organisations internet connection gos down or a trading partners mailbox becomes temporarily unavailable, Atlas’s MX software ensures you are always aware when this happens so you can control the situation.

-  New orders received

To reduce the need for accounts staff to be constantly logged into the EDI system, new order notifications ensure relevant members of the sales team are immediately aware of new orders, resulting in faster invoicing.

-  New messages sent

Keeping tabs on invoices being sent to your key customers has never been easier, with the MX notifications, key management staff can monitor outbound EDI messages to ensure they are being sent with correct details and in a timely manner.