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Following our rebrand to TrueCommerce, we now
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Atlas Fusion E-invoicing

Supplier Management

Atlas Fusion is an ebusiness portal that enables you to manage your supplier relationships across corporate and geographic boundaries. It provides buyers and suppliers with a centralised system for managing all aspects of their relationship:

  • Supplier Information Management including an up to date, accurate supplier directory
  • Governance and Risk Management including ethical audits
  • Collaborative Value Enhancement including cost reduction
  • Contract and Performance Management including Service Level Agreements
  • Ordering and invoicing integrated with Atlas Fusion’s Ordering and Invoicing module or existing systems

Today's demanding consumer has a keen awareness of the retailer's social responsibilities and several brands have already suffered through adverse media coverage. Stories have focused on the use of slum workshops, illegal employment practices, dangerous manufacturing conditions, pollution, safety and hygiene.

Despite these exposures, many retailers are still challenged by the process of administering ever-changing supplier relationships and are unable to be precise about their supplier base.

Yet there are many business benefits to be gained by overcoming the administrative challenge and progressing to pro-active collaboration with suppliers. Opportunities to tap in to the expertise and innovation of the suppliers are lost without an environment that promotes that information exchange.

The Atlas Fusion portal's Supplier Management module is designed to help retailers gain visibility into their supplier base, protect their brands and increase the value of their relationships.

Faced with the twin challenges of faster range turn and the need for continuous product innovation, many retailers find keeping track of their supplier relationships very difficult.

The task of administering a large and geographically extended web of suppliers that is forever changing is in itself impossible without the right systems in place.

The sheer volume of changes to existing suppliers, contact and capability information is beyond the resources of many sourcing operations. Just the addition of new supplier information is often a chore 'put off until tomorrow'.

Atlas Fusion is the solution to all of these challenges and more. It moves the responsibility for maintaining up to date contact and capability information to the supplier.

Once over the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of having an accurate supplier database, Fusion enables the buying organisation to reduce its risks by being more effective in its ethical sourcing process. In turn it provides an additional forum for suppliers to keep buyers informed of developments and innovations at their end of the supply chain.

The burdensome manual processes in place for audits, bidding, contracts and service level management are streamlined by Atlas Fusion’s functionality. Atlas Fusion helps retailers to improve the quality and value of their supplier relationships by enabling collaboration between the parties.

Closer co-operation, coupled with key document management, provides the ability to reduce the costly errors resulting from misunderstandings, out of date information and a lack of visibility for both parties.

The clarity that Atlas Fusion delivers means retailers can be sure all possible steps have been taken to meet both their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and legal obligations.

Organisations that are able to demonstrate good behaviour by, for example, the scheduling of factory audits, are better positioned to meet their customers’ expectations as well as regulatory requirements.

Atlas Fusion Supplier Management functional options include:

Supplier Registration

  • Suppliers can use Atlas Fusion to apply to the buyer
  • Suppliers can sign up to buyer's handbook, terms and conditions
  • Buyers can approve suppliers' applications
  • Suppliers contact details and production capabilities are held in the supplier directory

Ethical Audit Management

  • Suppliers can respond to an initial ethical questionnaire prior to being approved by the buying organisation
  • Ethical audits can be scheduled using internal or external resources
  • Traffic light system informs buyer of suppliers' audit status
  • Ethical audit details are stored for future reference

Supplier Directory

  • Preferred Supplier List
  • Suppliers maintain their own data in the directory removing the administrative burden on the buyer
  • Buyers can search for suppliers using a variety of criteria including location, audit status, production capabilities and specialities

Collaboration Forum

  • Buyer can broadcast to the full supplier base or defined groups of suppliers
  • Buyer and supplier can conduct discussions, bids and negotiations in a secure, auditable web forum
  • Suppliers can use the forum to offer new products and services, including promotions and marketing ideas
  • Product specifications and artwork can be shared

Contract Management

  • Contract documents are stored in a secure repository
  • Contract highlights, such as start and end dates, auto renewal anniversaries and value are held as data in the portal
  • Alerts of approaching contract conclusion or review date
  • Budget management and spend analysis

Service Level Management

  • Supplier performance dashboard
  • Performance measurement on objective KPIs including on time and in full delivery, product quality and ethical compliance
  • Performance evaluation on subjective criteria including innovation, collaboration and added value


  • Integration with Atlas Fusion’s ordering and invoicing module
  • Integration with back office and other ebusiness solutions

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