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Following our rebrand to TrueCommerce, we now
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Atlas Fusion E-invoicing

Ordering and Invoicing

Cost savings are important in any organisation’s drive for profits. Aimed at businesses that want to reduce manual order and/or invoice processing, Atlas Fusion delivers cost savings and minimises your carbon footprint by automating labour intensive tasks, removing the potential for human error and managing the process by exception.

Think of it as a clearing house for orders and invoices where problems such as invoice mismatches are handled in a collaborative space on the web, accessible to the buyer and supplier alike.

Here those parties have visibility into problems in the order to pay cycle and the ability to resolve them collaboratively to the benefit of all parties. The operational efficiencies achieved through automated processing and dispute resolution deliver cost savings across multiple functions, notably buying, supply chain and accounts payable.

Many organisations employ a group of people solely for the purpose of manually processing customer orders or supplier invoices.

For the supplier automated processing of customer orders reduces that administrative cost. Conversely, for the buyer, automated processing of suppliers invoices offers the cost saving. For both parties, manual clerical error or order invoice mismatches are problems that are time consuming and expensive to resolve. Both parties benefit from an automated system that flags such issues and allows for them to be resolved quickly and easily.

Atlas Fusion’s ordering and invoice module delivers all of those benefits to the buyer and supplier. Interestingly whilst the whole cycle can be automated it is possible to automate invoice processing without automated order processing and vice versa. It all depends on the business objectives and trading relationship.

In addition to orders and invoices, other documents such as delivery notes and price files can be handled within Atlas Fusion. Often the inhibitor to this automation is the inability of one party (usually the supplier) to conduct electronic document processing using traditional EDI.

With Atlas Fusion, that inhibitor is removed and automation can be achieved by any kind of access to the web, be it through any desk, lap or handheld device.

With such ease of access and use, the manual processing and document scanning are consigned to administrative history. However it is worth noting that Atlas Fusion’s Optical Character Recognition scanning solution is a fully integrated optional extra.

Ordering and invoicing functional options include:


  • Integration with back office systems and seamless operation with existing EDI environments
  • Electronic documents include orders, invoices, credit notes, ASNs, delivery notes statements and payments
  • Suppliers can type documents in manually, upload CSV or XL spreadsheets and the buyer will receive standard EDI
  • Buyers can post orders using EDI and the supplier can print or download as CSV or XL spreadsheets

Price Matching Engine

  • Will stop and/or warn of incorrectly priced invoices
  • Will stop and/or warn of mismatch on delivered quantities
  • Buyers can add/delete/amend suppliers
  • Suppliers can add/delete/amend staff details
  • Suppliers can request price changes, product deletions, additions, description changes and pack-size changes
  • Suppliers can match against retailer’s master price and product list
  • Fully secure – buyers and suppliers can only see their own prices.

Promotional marketing

  • Enables buyers and suppliers to promote special deals

Issue resolution in the cloud

  • Issues are alerted through the use of email and/or SMS messaging
  • Allows suppliers and buyers to exchange comments and resolve issues in a collaborative environment

Document search engine

  • Atlas Fusion has a comprehensive search capacity

Management reporting

  • Comprehensive operational statistics
  • Supplier performance management
  • Supplier compliance management

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Scan, process and store documents electronically

Often a complementary solution to a business application in the cloud, OCR enables organisations to convert hard copy material into electronic formats that can be easily processed, edited and stored. Atlas' OCR solution equips a single operator to process large numbers of paper documents each day, reducing costs and promoting efficiencies.

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