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Following our rebrand to TrueCommerce, we now
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Unimer and Atlas slash costs for the building industry

Using a suite of Atlas solutions including Secure Managed File Transfer (SMFT), EDI and a business application in the cloud, United Merchants (Unimer), the  UK's largest merchants co-operative, facilitates supply chain efficiencies and a better management information service to the building industry.

Unimer provides invoice clearing and marketing services to suppliers in return for settlement discounts, which are returned to the merchant shareholders.  Its objective is to provide an all-embracing, all-industry trading environment, where everyone in the merchant industry is represented - from the local independents to the regional buying societies to the largest national groups.

The long standing strategic relationship between Unimer and Atlas has delivered a range of business benefits for the whole of the building industry.

Atlas’ solutions put the same technology that is being used by the largest organisations in the hands of every merchant and manufacturer whatever shape or size.  The solutions enable their suppliers to drive down costs and improve efficiencies.

Builders merchants can place purchase orders with their suppliers via EDI, web portal or through traditional manual routes. The suppliers invoice the Unimer buying group electronically and receive payment from Unimer, which then invoices the builders merchants electronically.

A business application in the cloud allows Unimer’s members access to their own confidential transactional information so that they can see the up to date status of their orders, invoices and payments at any time.

Said Howard Grant, Unimer’s Managing Director:
“The solution enables Unimer and all its members to achieve cost savings through use of Atlas’
 web-based trading platform. Suppliers and merchants alike can process documents such as orders, delivery notes and invoices electronically, automatically integrating them with their back office systems using the Atlas solution.

“Now all those documents can be communicated via the internet on the same day they are created, securely and with certainty.  Postal costs, administrative resource and the risk of loss or delay are also removed.

“At last, we’ve reached the point where businesses of all sizes can achieve the benefits of electronic trading without expensive systems or the need for technical knowledge.  The Atlas solution is at the core of Unimer’s business, facilitating the service we provide to our members.”

“Atlas’ web-based trading solution is at the core of Unimer’s business, enabling us and our members to achieve significant savings.”

Howard Grant, Managing Director, United Merchants plc